TR3075 | TwinCAT 3 Training: Internet of Things

TR3075 | TwinCAT 3 Training: Internet of Things

The focus of this training course is knowledge of the TF67xx TwinCAT IoT Functions. This course is aimed primarily at PLC programmers who would like to become familiar with the possible applications of TwinCAT IoT. During the training, various scenarios are created in the form of examples.

TwinCAT IoT enables the implementation of data connectivity between an automation device and a public or private cloud service. The underlying communication transport via MQTT can be used either via function blocks in the TwinCAT 3 PLC or via a gateway application. Connections can be established to connectivity services such as Microsoft Azure IoT Hub, AWS IoT, IBM Watson IoT or a generic MQTT message broker such as Mosquitto, which can be installed in the company or machine network. IT tools, such as Node-RED, can then be used to transform or analyse the data.





Ordering information TwinCAT 3 Training: Internet of Things
TR3075 training location: Germany
duration: 2 days