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Compact multi-axis system with maximum control speeds, plus fast installation

The AX8000 multi-axis servo system, with a compact form factor for space-saving control cabinet installation, enables high-precision positioning and machining processes with extremely short control cycles. Additional features include fast installation and commissioning by simply plugging together the desired axis modules, as well as One Cable Technology (OCT) and the direct integration of safety functionality and mains filters.

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AX8000: The AX8000 multi-axis servo system greatly simplifies the implementation of multi-channel drive solutions.

Power supply modules

Power supply modules: generate the DC-Link voltage (DC) for the supply of the axis modules and the option modules from the mains voltage.p>

Axis modules

Axis modules: contains the DC-Link and the inverter for supplying the motor.

Combined power supply and axis modules

Combined power supply and axis modules: unite the function of an AX86xx power supply module with an AX81xx axis module in a single device with a rated current of 25 A or 40 A.

Option modules

Option modules: extends the DC-Link capacitance and is suitable for the support of the DC-Link.

Matching motors

Matching motors: In connection with the servomotors from the AM8000 series, the wiring is reduced to the standard motor cable, via which the feedback signals are also transmitted.

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